Thursday, July 27, 2017

July 27, 2017 - Rye Spur Trail


Trail users are encouraged to avoid the Rye Spur Trail #3771 between Highway 140 and Fourmile Lake north of the Lake of the Woods due to fire activity.  There are 2 fires in the immediate vicinity at this time. One on Rye Spur Ridge and one near Pearce Point. Fire vehicles, helicopters and personnel are working in the area.  The helicopter is dipping out of Fourmile Lake.

Fire 341- Rye Spur, 2.6 acres 7/25/17

Fire 437 -  Pierce Point

ALL campgrounds in the area remain open. 

Good progress has been made securing both fires from spreading. The Pearce Point Fire will continue to have heli work as aircraft is available.  The Rye Spur Trail is a popular trail for downhill mountain bikers from Medford and Ashland and locals. 

For more information on Rye Spur Trail:

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