Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wildfire Seasonal Outlook: June 2017

Wildfire Seasonal Outlook: June 2017

In the Northwest, significant wildfire activity for June is expected to be near normal, which historically includes few, if any, large fires. However, if July and August turn out to be warmer and drier than normal, the region could experience normal fire activity (including large fires) late in the fire season depending upon the amount of lightning received.

• Exceptional winter and early spring precipitation is leading to the development of a substantial crop of fine fuels (grasses) in lower and middle elevations. The heavy loading of fine fuels could become problematic when they cure out in July.
• In the higher elevations, the mountain snowpack continues to melt at a normal to slower than normal rate. This should produce a delay in the onset of significant fire activity in the high elevations.

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